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The Blogs of a Tactical Button

♥ Christina ♥
22 January 1985
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Christina Marie ♥
I'm Christina, Chris, Tina, Xtina, Boo, Button, Whatever. Sometimes I smoke cigarettes, I think far too much, read far too little, and enjoy films, and I believe the world would be okay if everyone could just stop fighting. I like to write, but don't do it enough. I'm sorta geeky, sorta artsy, mostly my own breed of human being. I go to school for graphic design, but I am unsure if thats what I want to do anymore, somedays I'd just like to write and other days I'd just like to take pictures. I'm the arts and culture editor for my schools newspaper, the red and black, but i dont apply myself to as much as I'd like to. Basically I'm WAY fucking cooler than you. Thats all.